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How to Submit a Request

Making a good request is essential for a quick response and great results

How should you write a good request that will enable us to provide high quality results? Don’t worry. It’s easy!

Make your request clear:

  • send us all tasks in a numbered list with clarifications.
  • provide an illustration when possible (you can host them at postimage.org or tinypic.com).

Provide  website credentials. Most services require the following credentials:

  • FTP [hosting server – hosting] address, login and password;
  • WP admin address, login and password.

Make sure there is no IP/GEO restriction for FTP and WP access.

  • All requests are private. You can send the credentials directly in the request.

Get everything done better & faster

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Request Examples

Basic WordPress & Plugins Setup


Hi guys!
I would like to order “Basic WordPress & Plugins Setup” service. I need your help with: Newsmag Theme installation; also please install the following plugins: WooCommerce, Yoast SEO and a cache plugin; Google analytics ID: UA-463542-09 FTP access ftp.example.com login: admin password: asdf Database access Database name: wpmysite username: root password: asdfpass hostname (if provided): localhost Download logos: http://example.com/uploads/logos.zip
Thank you!

Page Speed


My website http://www.example.com gets red speed-test result: http://gtmetrix.com/reports/example Unfortunately, I don’t really understand what should I do to improve it. Is there something you could to make it faster? Here are the login credentials - FTP access ftp.example.com login: admin password: asdf
Thank you!

Migrate Old WP Content


Here’s my website: http://www.web-site.com I would like to move it’s content to the Newspaper Theme. I have 15 pages and 72 posts. I want to keep the content, but make it look better. I would also like to have the homepage look like this one https://demo.tagdiv.com/newspaper_life_news/ and the categories page like this one https://demo.tagdiv.com/newspaper_influencer/category/instagram/. How much would it cost? How much time would it take?
I'm looking forward to hearing from you!

Theme Customization


Hi guys!
I’m using Newspaper Theme 9.6 on my site - https://exemple.com and I would like you to add the #FF337D color as a background on the scroll up icon, and the #AC33FF color at hover on the same icon, without changing the theme’ accent color. I also would like you to change all the links in the posts to use this color  #FF337D instead of the classic ‘blue’ link color. Please send me the required time you need to make the changes and the cost. My website credentials: FTP access ftp.example.com login: admin password: pass wp-admin access wp-admin address: http://example.com/wp-admin/ username: admin password: pass
I’m looking forward to seeing your response. Thanks!